We believe the collective wisdom of Puna can move us forward from the challenges of the 2018 lava flow and the on-going ecological, social and economic unraveling that we now face.

We can find inspiration to move forward through connection and activating our residents to play a leadership role in their personal and community lives.

We are guided by the wisdom of the ancestors, our elders, our men and women, and our youth.

Together we can paddle with strength, and make this work a noble enterprise.

We can find inspiration in the 13.8 billion year Epic of Evolution, which shows the universe and Earth as highly creative. We are a living and breathing manifestation of that creativity.

This website seeks to galvanize our individual and collective will to transform Puna into a thriving region and allow us to serve as an example for other communities on this collective journey of healing and renewal.

 This is the Great Work of our Age, a.k.a the Great Turning, or the Great Transition. It will involve reducing our consumption, redistributing wealth and power, treating the planet and the places we inhabit less like a mine, and more like the irreplaceable and precious garden that we depend on.

Here in Puna we already have a growing movement in support of local food security, 100% renewable energy, clean water, air, and soil, healthy forests and reefs, true local democracy, and a sustainable and just future.

We have many people who value inner growth and personal development, people who love the `aina and their ohana, and who are willing to contribute their time and energy to the common good.

What kind of evolutionary culture can we create here? How can we “reinhabit” the island of Hawaii in ways that restore and protect local nature while providing for everyone’s needs for healthy food, shelter, and energy? For starters we might honor and learn from the values and knowledge of the native Hawaiian culture that practiced self-sufficiency for a millennium before Europeans arrived. How can those values be applied to our current situation?

Our Purpose & Mission

What Puna Rising Wants To Accomplish With This Website

The Puna Rising website is a community resource where together we can:

  • Learn from each other by discussing important local issues on the Community Forum.
  • Keep informed on the current events happening in Puna on the Calendar and Local News.
  • Buy local and support your community.
  • Spread the word about your talents, services or products.
  • Develop an “evolutionary consciousness” and reevaluate our individual and shared priorities.
  • Help take back the democratic process using the Local Political Tracker.
  • Explore and learn about the rich cultural and natural resources of Puna.
  • Get involved in some aspect of Puna's growing movement for a healthy and just future.
  • Develop a shared vision for our future and work toward it.
Our team is always open to new and exciting initiatives. Do you have suggestions for how Puna Rising can make a greater impact on the community? and we'll reach out to discuss your ideas.